Ted Cruz: Biden administration has ‘litany of foreign policy disasters’ in just five months

Ted Cruz: In 5 months it has been a litany of foreign policy disasters

Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz joined “Hannity” Wednesday and blasted President Biden’s foreign policy agenda, the crisis at the U.S. southern border, and for reinflaming the Middle East.

CRUZ: We know that the Biden Harris administration has been a domestic disaster. It’s been an economic disaster. It’s been a fiscal disaster… But there’s been no area where they have messed it up worse than in foreign policy in just five months… It has been a litany of foreign policy disasters, one after the other after the other. You’ve got to go back to Jimmy Carter to find an administration with as many massive foreign policy blunders. The first day in office, what did Joe Biden do? He ripped to shreds the remain in Mexico agreement with the government of Mexico that President Trump had negotiated, that had lowered illegal immigration to the lowest level in forty five years. That promptly created the Biden border crisis because he ended that international agreement. 

Biden inherited peace flowering throughout the Middle East, the historic Abraham Accords. Biden immediately comes in, begins undermining Israel, begins attacking Prime Minister Netanyahu sends two hundred and fifty million dollars to the Palestinian Authority that is in bed with Hamas and promises to give billions of dollars to the Ayatollah Khomeini. And what happens? We have war in the Middle East and Hamas fires over four thousand rockets into Israel… and then Russia. For four years, we heard Democrats saying Russia, Russia, Russia. Well, what did Joe Biden do? He just gave a multi-billion dollar gift to Vladimir Putin. He waived the mandatory sanctions on Nord Stream two.


Ted Cruz blasts Biden administration's disastrous foreign policyThis article was written by Fox News staff.

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