Once the heart and soul of Russia’s anti-Kremlin opposition, Alexey Navalny’s entire political movement is now illegal

As expected, the Moscow City Court has sided with the district attorney’s office and formally designated Alexey Navalny’s entire national political movement as illegal “extremist” organizations. The ruling applies specifically to the Anti-Corruption Foundation, the Citizens’ Rights Protection Foundation (both of which Russia’s Justice Ministry has already designated as “foreign agents”), and Navalny’s nationwide network of campaign offices.

Navalny’s organizations are now prohibited from distributing any information, raising any money, participating in elections, and organizing public demonstrations. The verdict takes effect immediately.

Even before Wednesday’s ruling, Moscow law enforcement officials halted the activities of Navalny’s campaign offices, pending the results of the lawsuit. Federal regulators also added “Navalny’s campaign offices” (though no such legal entity exists) to Russia’s list of extremist groups. In late April, the offices announced their dissolution.


Clearing the way Moscow prosecutors want to ban the Anti-Corruption Foundation and ‘Team Navalny’ offices as extremist organizationsTeam Navalny’s final days Russia’s justice system hasn’t yet banned the opposition movement, technically speaking, but just try telling that to activists on the groundNotes from tomorrow’s underground Navalny’s activists batten down the hatches ahead of new protests and a likely ‘extremism’ designation, moving to remote work and fleeing Russian social networks

In early June 2021, Vladimir Putin signed legislation that temporarily bars anyone involved in extremist or terrorist organizations from running for elected office. The law, which can be enforced retroactively, is widely viewed as a measure against Navalny’s political and anti-corruption movement.

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