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Маленький принц слушать онлайн - Антуан де Сент-Экзюпери

Если отбросить сухие выкладки, то описание «Маленького принца» Антуана де Сент-Экзюпери поместиться в одно слово – чудо. Литературные корни сказки лежат в...

Antoine de Saint Exupery: The Little Prince Russian Audiobook

A fairy tale for children and adults "The Little Prince", the main character of which in simple words reveals the depths of the human soul. In this book you can find answers to questions about the meaning of life, love, friendship.

о царе Салтане

Аудио сказка о царе Салтане. Слушать аудиокнигу или скачать бесплатно Сказка о царе Салтане - аудиокнига Пушкина, которую вы можете Слушать аудиокнигу или...

about king Saltan Russian Audiobook

Alexander Pushkin. The Tale of Tsar Saltan. Audio story about Tsar Saltan which you can listen to online or download. An audio story that immerses the listener in a wonderful world, where there is a place for miracles and magic. Listen to the tale of tsar saltan.

Кошкин дом

Электронная книга
Кошкин дом - электронная книга, которую вы можете читать в iBooks или Kindle бесплатно. Книга Кошкин дом в формате для iBooks (epub) или в формате книги...

Cat house Russian EBook

Read Marshak's fairy tale "The Cat's House", about how the Cat's House caught fire and that only those who themselves survived the trouble will help in trouble. The light rhyme of this fairy tale is great for kids learning. We recommend that all parents read Cat's House to their children!

Маша и Ойка

Аудиосказка Маша и Ойка. Слушать аудиокнигу или скачать бесплатно Герои аудиосказки Маша и Ойка – две подружки, две полных противоположности. На их...

Masha and Oyka Russian Audiobook

The characters of the audiokazki Masha and Oyka are two girlfriends, two complete opposites. Using their contrasting example, the author Sofia Prokofieva described children's whims with humor and kindness.

Russian audiobooks for kids

All Russian audiobooks for children , cartoons and electronic versions of books. Huge library of children's audiobooks.

Now the children are happy, the parents are happy. Why? Look:

  • Listening to books contributes to the study of the Russian language, replenishes the child's vocabulary, develops imagination;
  • You don't need to search for anything on the Internet - the site has an excellent selection of Russian books;
  • Zero chance of a child stumbling upon adult or inappropriate content.

What could be more pleasant than enthusiastic children's eyes! Observe how the child listens with bated breath, a fairy tale or children's story. How he empathizes with the hero and absorbs the plot.

Russian fairy tales teach children wisdom, actions and life experience. And for adults they save a lot of time. :) It's so easy to put a child at a computer, tablet or phone so that the kid listens to fairy tales on his own.

Children's audio books

Волшебное колечко слушать аудиокнигу бесплатно

Инсценировка русской народной сказки про парня, кошку и собаку, более известной как "Волшебное кольцо"....

magic ring Russian Audiobook

Ежики смеются

Аудио сказка Ежики смеются. Слушать аудиокнигу или скачать бесплатно Ежики смеются - аудиокнига Чуковского, которую вы можете Слушать аудиокнигу или...

Hedgehogs are laughing Russian Audiobook

Audio stories for children

Вишенка на торте слушать аудиокнигу бесплатно - автор Жан-Филипп Арру-Виньо

Вам уже знакомы братья Жаны по предыдущим книгах серии «Приключения семейки из Шербура»? Тогда вы уж точно знаете: когда в семье шестеро сыновей, о мире и...

cherry on the cake Russian Audiobook

Всё о медвежонке Паддингтоне слушать аудиокнигу бесплатно - автор Майкл Бонд

Истории английского писателя Майкла Бонда о медвежонке по имени Паддингтон давно уже стали классикой английской детской литературы. Если речь заходит о...

all about paddington teddy bear Russian Audiobook

Electronic books for children

Ребячья болтовня

Электронная книга
Ребячья болтовня - электронная книга, которую вы можете читать в iBooks или Kindle бесплатно. Книга Ребячья болтовня в формате для iBooks (epub) или в...

- Russian EBook

Житейские воззрения Кота Мурра

Электронная книга
Житейские воззрения Кота Мурра - электронная книга, которую вы можете читать в iBooks или Kindle бесплатно. Книга Житейские воззрения Кота Мурра в формате...

Lebensansichten des Katers Murr nebst fragmentarischer Biographie des Kapellmeisters Johannes Kreisler in zufälligen Makula Russian EBook

Russian audio books for children

We collected by categories and placed Russian audiobooks for children.

Audiobooks in Russian are a great solution for modern parents. You don’t always have the strength to read books to your child, but this is very important. Our solution at such moments is children's audio books. An excellent option is to listen to a book, and then tell your child in your own words. Believe me, he will be much more interesting, and such moments will be remembered by him for life.

Russian Audiobooks

Russian Audiobooks

Russian Audiobooks for children to listen online for free in high quality.

Audiobooks for kids are a great way to spend your time! Start listening to online children's books right now!

Audiobooks were invented a long time ago. The prototype of their modern version was vinyl records. Wonderful tales, tales and short stories performed by magnificent artists attracted the attention of young listeners and transferred them to the world of incredible adventures and fantasies.

Audiobooks as such appeared in the USA in 1931.

In the modern world, audio books on electronic media, as well as entire online libraries have become commonplace and delight their listeners with accessibility and reproduction in good quality.

A selection of our children's library is universal! Here you will find fairy tales and stories for children for every taste. Kolobok, Baba Yaga, Winnie the Pooh, Leopold, old man Hottabych - all these characters are ready to invite you to their magical country. Just select any audiobook you like and start listening!

Our collection has audiobooks of various genres - entertaining, instructive, historical, adventure, etc.

Russian audio books

russian audio books

Welcome to the kids audio books section! Here, any adult and child can listen online to interesting Russian audio books from around the world for free. Use the menu to search for the desired fairy tale. The section of our Internet platform dedicated to children's audiobooks will be a real boon for kids and caring parents. Listening to Russian audiobooks for children is a great pleasure, which also stimulates the harmonious development of a little book lover.

We have collected by category and placed Russian audio books for children. If you prefer to read a fairy tale to your child yourself, then you can find any of them in the section with fairy tales and read it online or download it in any of the suggested formats. You can find annotations for all works, and in the section with articles you can get acquainted with the concept of a fairy tale and interesting facts.

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