Russia’s property registry removes name of Kadyrov’s ‘second wife’ from Grozny mansion’s records

The Federal Service for State Registration (Rosreestr) has hidden the name of Fatima Khazuyeva — the alleged second wife of Chechnya’s head, Ramzan Kadyrov — from the ownership records of a mansion in Grozny, reports the investigative outlet Proekt.

Proekt published an investigation into Kadyrov’s multiple wives and their wealth in April 2021 (the investigation is available in English here). According to Proekt’s findings, there are several apartments in Moscow registered to Kadyrov’s “second wife,” Fatima Khazuyeva, as well as a mansion located opposite the Chechen leader’s residence in Grozny. Proekt referenced property records from Rosreestr in its reporting about the mansion. 

The publication released a copy of this document on June 4, pointing out that while Khazuyeva was still listed as the owner of the Grozny mansion on February 15, as of May 31, Rosreestr records listed the “Russian Federation” as the property’s owner. 

“Among other things, such a change once again confirms that Khazuyeva really is Kadyrov’s second wife — it’s unlikely that Rosreestr officials would name an ordinary woman the ‘Russian Federation’.”


After Proekt published its investigation about Ramzan Kadyrov’s wives and their assets, the publication’s website camed under a DDoS-attack, YouTube blocked the video version of the investigation following a complaint from the state-owned channel Grozny TV, and Proekt’s Instagram account was “memorialized.” The Russian state television channel Perviy Kanal also deleted a newsreel that included footage of Fatima Khazuyeva from its website.


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