‘Russia Squared’ After years of sharing his work on Instagram, Russian photographer Dmitry Markov is set to publish his best snapshots in a new book

It’s been five years since Russian photographer Dmitry Markov last published a book of his work. In the meantime, he’s been sharing his snapshots on Instagram. But with the Kremlin cracking down on civil society and increasingly censoring online content, Markov decided to put his work down on paper once again. In his words, “The events of this year suggest the disturbing thought that ‘free access’ is a fragile phenomenon and depends on the political agenda. Of course, the likelihood of Instagram being blocked is low, but such a scenario can’t be ruled out entirely. In this context, I would like to preserve a multi-year photo archive in a reliable, analogue format.” Markov is currently raising money to fund the publication of his forthcoming book. Titled “Rossiya v kvadrate” (“Russia Squared”), it’s set to be released by the publishing house Treemedia early this winter. Meduza shares some of the snapshots from Dmitry Markov’s photobook here. 

Pskov, 2021Pskov, 2021
Pskov, 2021Pskov, 2021
Grozny, 2018Grozny, 2018
Arkhangelsk, 2018Arkhangelsk, 2018
Kazan, 2020Kazan, 2020
Moscow, 2019Moscow, 2019
Moscow, 2021. (You can read the story behind this snapshot <a href="https://meduza.io/en/short/2021/02/02/photo-of-the-day" target="_blank">here</a>).Moscow, 2021. (You can read the story behind this snapshot here).
St. Petersburg, 2020St. Petersburg, 2020
Ulan-Ude, 2019Ulan-Ude, 2019
Pskov, 2020Pskov, 2020
Pskov, 2019Pskov, 2019
Prokhladny, 2019Prokhladny, 2019
Vyterga, 2018Vyterga, 2018
Moscow, 2018Moscow, 2018
Kostroma, 2020Kostroma, 2020
Prokhladny, 2019Prokhladny, 2019

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Photographs by Dmitry Markov


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