Proekt journalists cut ties with banned publisher, promise to continue investigative work

Journalists from the outlet Proekt, whose publisher, the American company “Project Media, Inc.,” was banned in Russia as an “undesirable organization,” have promised to continue their investigative work.

In a statement published on Telegram, Proekt’s journalists said that Project Media, Inc. is in the process of liquidation and “no longer has financial relations with any of the journalists working in Russia.”

The Proekt team added that they may alter the “form” of their work, but didn’t provide any further details. “Again, we thank everyone for their support. Journalism is not a crime!” the statement underscores.

The Russian Attorney General’s Office declared Project Media Inc. as an “undesirable organization” on July 15, outlawing all its operations in Russia, including the publication of Proekt. In addition, the Russian Justice Ministry added five Proekt journalists, including editor-in-chief Roman Badanin, to its “foreign agents” registry.

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