Victor Davis Hanson warns Joe Biden: “Very dangerous” to provoke Vladimir Putin and not deter him

Hanson: Russian hackers are not afraid of attacking the US

Author and historian Victor Davis Hanson joined “Tucker Carlson Tonight” Friday to address the “Russian associated” hack of the Colonial Pipeline and what President Biden should do to combat the nation’s current “inflationary cycle.”

HANSON: It’s a very dangerous thing to provoke Vladimir Putin unless you deter him. We’ve talked tough and carried a twig, and these Russian associated hackers know that. They’re not afraid of attacking the United States. They’re very brilliant. They have a Machiavellian insight into the American progressive line. They said, “We’re not after charities. We’re not going after hospitals. We’re going to hack into a pipeline.” I think this subtext was, “You canceled pipelines so what’s the big deal?” If gas goes up, Steven Chu in the Obama administration said $10 a gallon was good, that will suppress fossil fuels. That is a very dangerous thing as it is to print money and discourage production. So too provoke the Russians and not get tough. 

Joe Biden needs to get on TV quick and say we’re in an inflationary cycle and I’m calling on all of you producers and lumber and food and gas and oil to get out there and let’s produce. You’re going to have a steady, predictable, regulatory tax climate and we want you to help us out. That’s not the message we’re getting. I grew up 40 years ago and saw this happen with Jimmy Carter.


This article was written by Fox News staff.

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