Explosions, Fire Reported At Major Russian Munitions Plant

The munitions plant in the town of Dzerzhinsk has been the site of other explosions in recent years. (file photo)  

Several explosions have been reported at a munitions factory in the Russian city of Dzerzhinsk.

Initial reports of the November 27 explosions in Russian state media indicate an unspecified number of casualties.

The Emergency Situations Ministry confirmed it was working at the scene and warned of the danger of possible further explosions.

The Dzerzhinsk city administration reported that a fire was raging at the factory. Officials said there was no danger to local residents.

The plant was struck by a series of massive explosions on June 1, 2019, injuring dozens of workers. That incident followed an earlier explosion in April 2019.

Dzerzhinsk, Russia Dzerzhinsk, Russia

According to the factory’s website, it is the largest defense-industry plant in Russia. Munitions account for about 30 percent of its output, the rest comprising mostly industrial explosives and chemical products.

In August 2018, six workers were killed in an explosion and fire at the plant, while in July 2020, three workers were hospitalized following a chemical leak.

With reporting by Interfax

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