Editorial: Meduza stands with the student journal ‘Doxa’ and the investigative outlet ‘iStories’

“Doxa” editors Armen Aramyan, Alla Gutnikova, and Natasha Tyshkevich at Moscow’s Basmanny Court Evgeny Feldman

Just days ago, the Russian security forces raided the apartment of journalist Roman Anin and the editorial office of iStories Media, the investigative outlet that he leads. The investigative reporters at iStories are journalists. They haven’t committed any crimes. They are being persecuted for their work as journalists.

Less than a week later, the security forces showed up at the homes of the editors of the student journal Doxa. These people are journalists, too. They also haven’t committed any crimes and are being persecuted for their work as journalists.

Judging by how frequently we now encounter such news stories, it seems the Russian authorities have adopted their own definition of independent journalism. In their eyes, this work apparently borders in criminal activity.

There have always been journalists who prepare themselves mentally the possibility of arrest, interrogation, and even imprisonment. Today, anyone in Russia who works for an independent media outlet should seriously try to do the same.

Meduza’s newsroom extends its support to the staff at Doxa and iStories, and we wish strength to their friends and loved ones.


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