Walls Remember: New East Cinema Shorts Compilation

Barbican is bringing you short films from Latvia, the Czech Republic, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Kazakhstan that consider the relationship between memory and space.

In the past hugely challenging year, architecture has played a vital role in our lives, as so many of us were confined to homes. Some of us returned to the houses we grew up in, an act that solidifies the bond between our experiences and the spaces we inhabit.

These five diverse, often very beautiful shorts, including dramas, a documentary and an animated film – explore the relationship between memories, sometimes nostalgic, sometimes traumatic, and personal spaces from the past, in a post-communist and post-Soviet context.

This Cinema On Demand film includes a recorded ScreenTalk about the films’ themes.


Still Life  Elīna returns to the summer house of her childhood to show it to buyers. The spiritual presence of her dead grandmother forces her to reflect on the legacy of failing familial relations. Latvia 2020 Dir Anna Ansone 23 min

Spaces The personal true story of the filmmaker’s brother’s brain tumour diagnosis and subsequent memory loss is told through this potent animated documentary. Czech Republic 2019 Dir Nora Štrbová 8 min

B4 After 26 years, Bosnian director Alen Šimić returns to the town of his childhood and learns for the first time about the night when he lost his parents and was saved from near-certain death by a neighbour. Bosnia and Herzegovina 2020 Dir Alen Šimić 13 min

Slova Slobodan meets his father Nenad for the first time in 25 years to discuss the transfer of the deeds to a house. Their relationship is strained because Nenad left Croatia during the war in the 1990s. Croatia 2019 Dir Bojan Radanović 12 min

End of Season At the end of summer, Rosa arrives at her husband’s resort – a small hotel in the vast dry steppe – to check on staff and collect the accounts. An unexpected encounter interrupts the routine of her stay and awakens her former passion for swimming. Kazakhstan/UK 2018 Dir Zhannat Alshanova 23 min


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