Musical Fairy Tale “Peter and the Wolf”: 4 July LIVE

An exciting, interactive musical performance for children and families. Prokofiev’s musical fairy tale “Peter and the Wolf” will be performed by the Mazaika ensemble (accordion, violin, percussion), with narration from actor, Oleg Sidorchik at JW3 on 4 July.

The story and the music for “Peter and the Wolf” was written by Sergei Prokofiev in 1936 for a children’s theatre in Moscow, and tells the tale of a boy, Peter, who hunts for a wolf and conquers his fears. “Peter and the Wolf” has become Prokofiev’s most notable work and serves as a great children’s introduction to music and the instruments of the orchestra.

Peter and the Wolf @AfishaLondon

The duo Mazaika was founded in 1996. Their repertoire includes Russian and Gypsy folklore, romances, Russian and Argentine tango, foxtrots, classical instrumental and vocal works, Gypsy jazz, and popular music. The musical fairy tale Peter and the Wolf has been performed by the duo at various festivals and concert venues in both English and Russian.

Igor Utkin (Classical accordion) graduated from the music school in the city of Elektrostal with a degree in accordion, and received vocal lessons from Nikolai Gerda and Kira Vane.

Sarah Harrison (violin and percussion) graduated from the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London with a degree in violin.

Oleg Sidorchik graduated from Belarusian State Academy of Arts. Between 1985 and 2004, he worked at the Belarusian Young Spectators Theatre. Over the following three years (2004-2006) he was an actor at Belarusian Army Theatre. He joined Belarus Free Theatre in 2005. During his career Oleg played an extensive number of lead roles such as “Zone of Silence”, “Cowards”, “A Flower to Pina Bausch”, “Eurepica.Challenge”, “New York 79”, “To be Harold Pinter”. He also played the lead in the production of “King Lear”, which was commissioned by Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre and performed at its “Globe to Globe” Festival.


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