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What is the alphabet?

The alphabet plays an important role in people's lives. Using the alphabet, for example, they make up various lists in any dictionary, it will help you quickly find the right word. And in the phone book - the phone number. Knowledge of the alphabet helps us save time in searching for this or that information.

  • Learning letters is fun!
  • Enriching vocabulary
  • Pronunciation of the sounds of the Russian language

Russian letters

Look at the Russian letters. If you arrange the letters in a certain order, you get an russian alphabet

А, Б, В, Г, Д, Е, Ё, Ж, З, И, Й, К, Л, М, Н, О, П, Р, С, Т, У, Ф, Х, Ц, Ч, Ш, Щ, Ъ, Ы, Ь, Э, Ю, Я

Vowels of the Russian alphabet

А, Е, Ё, И, О, У, Э, Ю, Я

Consonants of the Russian alphabet

Б, В, Г, Д, Ж, З, Й, К, Л, М, Н, П, Р, С, Т, У, Ф, Х, Ц, Ч, Ш, Щ

The child knows many words even before learning the alphabet.

In the Russian alphabet section you will find the Russian alphabet in pictures. This is a very handy tool for learning Russian letters, as the letters are bright and catch the child's attention.

Pronunciation will help to learn the ABC for kids.

Russian ABC for kids. Sound each Russian letter

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Fairy tales and legends

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