Tune into Meduza’s new music festival and become a ‘summer agent.’ Here’s how it works.

This year isn’t shaping up to be Russia’s happiest ever, but summertime has arrived, all the same! And it’s the greens of summers that remind us that life goes on, no matter what, and that we need to find joy, whatever happens. 

With this in mind, Meduza has decided to stage a summer festival — a music marathon that will run at least a month. Why? For starters, musicians were some of the first people to come to our aid when the Russian authorities designated Meduza as a “foreign agent.” For years, we’ve written about these artists and enjoyed their work. Second, we can’t remember the last time any of us was at a festival. And finally, nothing brings people together like good tunes.

Starting this week, we’ll be publishing music premieres and special versions of beloved tracks, every weekday, along with messages from the artists who’ve come forward to support Meduza and the independent news media in Russia. To host this festival, we’ve launched a special website. Additionally, we’ll be sharing the marathon’s playlists at all your favorite streaming services.

We’re enormously grateful to everyone who’s expressed support for Meduza, sent in donations, and shared their music. If you’re an artist or producer who wants to join our summer marathon, please contact us at abramova@meduza.io!

Dear readers, many of you are now financing Meduza’s continued existence. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you! May our festival brighten your summer!

Tune in and pledge your support!

Tune in and help Meduza!

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