Superlatives for March 8th


Does anyone else here have a drawing of their mom or grandma like this one? When I was in kindergarten I had to make one of these for Восьмо́е Ма́рта (March 8th). I actually never finished mine in time for the кла́ссный ча́с (homeroom) and when my mom came in, she saved my grace by going over to some other “mom” portrait and pretended I did a lovely job. Спаси́бо, ма́мa! (Thanks, mom!)

Speaking of the holiday, next Monday is 8 ма́рта. Known as the International Women’s Day in the Western world, Междунаро́дный же́нский де́нь or simply Восьмо́е Ма́рта is much more celebratory and festive в Росси́и (in Russia). Maria has previously discussed the controversies around the holiday traditions in her blog and I highly recommend you read it.

Today, I want to give you the toolbox to make the best compliments for the women in your life. We will cover superlatives (превосхо́дную сте́пень сравне́ния) and some empowering adjectives (прилага́тельные) so you can show appreciation with style.

First, let’s go over the rules for superlatives .

Simple superlative is easy to follow. For most adjectives, add the suffix –ейш– plus the correct ending (singular: masc. – ий, fem. – ая, neuter – ое or the plural –ие).

Краси́вая — краси́вейшая [beautiful — the most beautiful]

Му́драя — мудре́йший [wise — the wisest]

Прекра́сное — прекра́снейшее [wonderful — the most wonderful]

До́брые — добре́йшие [kind — the kindest]

tulips The rule for adjectives with г, к, or х:

If the adjective ends on the consonants г, к, or х (right before the ending), then add the suffix –айш-, which will also be followed by the endings depending on the number and gender. But be careful, because г will change to ж, к to ч, and x to ш. Also, the suffix –айш- will always be stressed (под ударе́нием).

стро́гая – строжа́йшая [strict – the strictest]

вели́кая – велича́йшая [great – the greatest]

ти́хая – тиша́йшая [quiet – the quietest]

Moreover, prefix наи– is sometimes added along with the suffixes, e.g., наилу́чшая (the best of the best).

Compound Superlative

The compound superlative is even easier – simply add the word “са́мый” (or са́мая/са́мое/са́мые, respectively) before the unchanged adjective to add that superiority element и гото́во! (and voila!) For example:

Са́мые забо́тливые ба́бушки – The most caring grandmas

Са́мая сме́лая – the bravest

Са́мый о́пытный специали́ст – the most experienced professional

Жела́ю, что́бы сбылось всё са́мое сокрове́нное! – Wishing that your greatest dreams come true!

womens_march Lastly, here are some empowering adjectives to express your appreciation for the women in your life:

Амбицио́зная – ambitious

Жизнера́достная – cheerful, joyful, buoyant

Замеча́тельная – remarkable, outstanding, admirable

Интеллиге́нтная – intelligent

Креати́вная – creative

Наблюда́тельная – observant

Надёжная – reliable, trustworthy

Общи́тельная – outgoing, sociable

О́пытная (e.g. о́пытный специали́ст) – experienced professional

Организо́ванная – organized

Предусмотри́тельная – forward-thinking

Продукти́вная – productive

Рассуди́тельная – sensible, wise

Реши́тельная – decisive

Си́льная – strong

Сто́йкая – resilient, strong-willed

Счастли́вая – happy

Трудолюби́вая – hard-working

Уве́ренная – confident

У́мная – smart

Уси́дчивая – persistent, diligent

Хра́брая – brave

Целеустремлённая – goal-oriented

Энерги́чная – energetic

Also, to learn more about Russian sayings with comparative degree see here and for an overview on comparatives and superlatives read here.

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