Moscow court upholds Lyubov Sobol’s sentence in trespassing case

On Tuesday, June 8, Moscow’s Perovsky District Court rejected an appeal against the suspended sentence handed down to Russian opposition figure Lyubov Sobol for “infringing on the inviolability of the home,” reports TASS.

In April, Sobol was found guilty of trespassing on the property of Konstantin Kudryavtsev — one of the FSB agents implicated in Alexey Navalny’s August 2020 poisoning. Moscow’s Perovsky Court gave Sobol a one-year provisional sentence of community service, in addition to garnishing 10 percent of her wages.

During her final speech at the appeals hearing on Tuesday, Sobol said that she didn’t agree with the verdict and planned to challenge it at the European Court of Human Rights.

The trespassing case against Lyubov Sobol was opened after she went to Konstantin Kudryavtsev’s home on December 21, 2020 — the same day opposition politician Alexey Navalny released a video of an alleged conversation with Kudryavtsev, in which the FSB operative detailed the Kremlin’s attempt to poison him with a chemical nerve agent earlier that year.

The injured party in the case was Kudryavtsev’s mother-in-law, Galina Subbotina. She claimed that Sobol pushed her and broke into her apartment. Kudryavtsev himself was neither a witness nor a victim in the case, because investigators couldn’t establish his whereabouts. 


‘A classic Putinist trial’ Lyubov Sobol handed one-year suspended sentence for trespassing at the apartment of Navalny’s alleged poisoner‘I called my killer and he confessed’ Alexey Navalny says he fooled one of his FSB assassins into detailing the Kremlin’s poisoning operation

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