Jon Voight compares media to ‘Pravda’ repeating Dem ‘party line’: ‘Don’t journalists have any sense of pride?’

Media top headlines May 26

Academy Award-winning actor Jon Voight blasted the media for towing the Democratic “party line.”

“I think it’s a very big surprise that the media can be so captured, so overtaken. How could this be?” Voight asked during an appearance on “The Truth with Lisa Boothe” podcast on Wednesday. “Don’t journalists have any sense of pride, even,?… But you know, they’re low on the totem pole, so they keep their mouths shut and they just do their jobs. You see, they repeat the party line.”


“This is just like Russia. I mean, this is just like Pravda,” Voight explained. “There’s no difference. You read the New York Times, you’re getting phony stuff. So, so what does a guy do if he wants to feed his family and he needs to keep his job? It’s those pressures that keep it going I think. So, who’s going to stop this? Well, there are many brave people that are stepping up and very brave teachers who are in the industry, the entertainment industry, and in the, you know, in the news industry that are stepping up and giving us a direction. So we have to find those people and stick with them and support them.”

“Thank God that I’ve had some success in my life so that I can- people know that when they hire me, I’m going to give a good representation of the work and maybe make their piece more successful,” Voight told Boothe. “But people are afraid to be exposed at this time for questioning this, I think, this bad behavior that’s going on all over the place. But it’s interesting. It’s a battle. It’s a battle. And it’s in this industry.”

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