Anti-domestic violence group ‘’ to launch crisis shelter program in Moscow

Beginning in August, will provide emergency accommodations in Moscow hotels and hostels for victims of domestic violence, the advocacy group stated in a message to Meduza.

These emergency accommodations will be made available to women over the age of 18, who, due to their living circumstances, face physical violence, the threat of physical violence, or persecution at the hands of a former partner. Assistance will be offered to women who can’t afford to pay for accommodations on their own. will cover all of the costs of accommodation in the hotels and hostels for a period of up to 21 days. The addresses of the crisis shelters will remain confidential for security reasons. So far, the organization has raised more than 346,000 rubles ($4,700) to fund the project, which is enough to accommodate 346 victims for one night.

To get help, you can contact the hotline at +7 999 916 30 00. The staff at the center offer free consultations and will provide you with the addresses of available temporary shelters. offers assistance and support to victims of domestic violence in Russia. In December 2020, it was labeled a “foreign agent” and in February 2021 the Justice Ministry threatened to dissolve the advocacy group completely due to alleged violations contained within its charter. The group tried to challenge its “foreign agent” status in court, but was unsuccessful. 

about domestic violence in Russia

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