Кошкин дом

Электронная книга
Кошкин дом - электронная книга, которую вы можете читать в iBooks или Kindle бесплатно. Книга Кошкин дом в формате для iBooks (epub) или в формате книги...

Cat house

Read Marshak's fairy tale "The Cat's House", about how the Cat's House caught fire and that only those who themselves survived the trouble will help in trouble. The light rhyme of this fairy tale is great for kids learning. We recommend that all parents read Cat's House to their children!

Маша и Ойка

Аудиосказка Маша и Ойка. Слушать аудиокнигу или скачать бесплатно Герои аудиосказки Маша и Ойка – две подружки, две полных противоположности. На их...

Masha and Oyka

The characters of the audiokazki Masha and Oyka are two girlfriends, two complete opposites. Using their contrasting example, the author Sofia Prokofieva described children's whims with humor and kindness.

Russian lessons for kids

Welcome to the online Russian language school for children.

Russian for Children is programs for any age and level of language proficiency. We know how to make learning Russian easy and interesting, and most importantly, effective.

  • Listening to books contributes to the study of the Russian language, replenishes the child's vocabulary, develops imagination;
  • You don't need to search for anything on the Internet - the site has an excellent selection of Russian books;
  • Zero chance of a child stumbling upon adult or inappropriate content.

How To Start Learning Russian

We propose to start learning Russian from the alphabet.

How can I help my child learn Russian?

If a child constantly hears Russian speech, then after 12-24 months he begins to speak Russian.

Parents begin to teach the Russian language to the child from birth, constantly communicating with him, showing and naming the surrounding objects. Gradually, the child begins to pronounce familiar words, expanding his vocabulary. Regular lessons in Russian with your child will bring results. Use different ways to get your child to speak Russian.

If your child only speaks a few words, often show him something new by saying the name clearly. On the street, at the window, at home, in books, we are surrounded by many interesting things.

Children love to look at vivid pictures. Don't miss this opportunity to study Russian. Show and tell as often as possible. Read in Russian to your child every day - fairy tales, nursery rhymes and nursery rhymes. New words and constantly heard speech will develop your baby's vocabulary and teach you to speak correctly.

Sing with your child, learn together new children's songs in Russian. Good mood and fluency of phrases stimulate the work of the speech apparatus.

To learn Russian, a child needs to hear Russian speech - purely, clearly and correctly.

Practice Russian regularly and you will see the result in the near future.

Does your child learn Russian?

Of course he uses some kind of tutorials. It is not interesting to learn a language only with a textbook. You need additional materials! For example, helpful audiobooks. It is better to use fairy tales that you can read and listen to.

Драгунского Заколдованная буква

Аудиокнига Драгунского Заколдованная буква Заколдованная буква - аудиокнига Драгунского, которую вы можете Слушать аудиокнигу или скачать бесплатно....

Dragoon Enchanted letter

Малахитовая шкатулка Павла Бажова

Аудиосказка Малахитовая шкатулка Павла Бажова Малахитовая шкатулка - аудиокнига Павла Бажова, которую вы можете Слушать аудиокнигу или скачать бесплатно....

Malachite box of Pavel Bazhov

Тайна холма Билликок

Электронная книга
Тайна холма Билликок - электронная книга, которую вы можете читать в iBooks или Kindle бесплатно. Книга Тайна холма Билликок в формате для iBooks (epub)...


Черт в кумовьях

Электронная книга
Черт в кумовьях - электронная книга, которую вы можете читать в iBooks или Kindle бесплатно. Книга Черт в кумовьях в формате для iBooks (epub) или в...

Der Herr Gevatter

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A selection of free resources to learn Russian and improve your pronunciation.

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